Beginners guide to Choices stories you play

Are you into interactive gameplay that revolves around stories instead of action. If you are, Choices stories you play is the best deal for you. This game is like a storybook in which you choose what happens next.

Playing the story allows you to become a wizard, a king, fall in love, become a detective and choose an outcome for yourself. There are several stories you can choose from and you can select the genre you like best. The games are available for play on Android as well as IOS.

Starting play

Pick yourself a story. You can choose your preferred story and unlock chapters as you read them. Chapters are unlocked using keys. Initially, you will be given keys to read a couple of chapters, but after that, you have to buy or wait for 3 hours for more keys. Diamonds are another component that you need to gather. These allow you to buy things within the game and help with better outcomes.

Some of the interesting stories in the game are- The Rules of Engagement, The Freshmen, Endless Summer, Most Wanted, Love Hacks and The Crown and the Flame

Getting more keys

In order to continue reading the story, you need more keys. You get more keys when you level up. You can also get more keys by sharing with your friends via social networks like Facebook. You can also purchase keys but that comes in costly. The cost of a chest of keys is nearly 40$.

Get more diamonds

Diamonds allow you in-game purchases like items, clothes and sometimes even exclusive stories. You gain diamonds when you level up too. Diamonds, like keys, can also be purchased but they are costly as well. A Vault of Diamonds can be bought at $99.

How the game goes

The game starts with an introduction and allows you to select a look and name to fit yourself. Your story begins with a likely encounter with some other character who will help you through the game. Several hints and guides will be provided to you throughout the gameplay.

Complete the stories

You have to go slow and steady in order to complete a story in choices stories you play. Make informed choices as you would make in real life and enjoy both the aspects of your choices whether good or bad.