Choosing a right 10×10 canopy replacement cover

canopy replacement cover

Best method to determine if Garden Winds carries any specific replacement canopy cover for your frame will be with the model number. Different details of a gazebo frame also can help, but won’t guarantee any fit. Even though there’s the universal that is accessible, selecting the custom fit can make your gazebo look brand new again. Universal replacement canopy gives the generic fit as well as not the custom fit for standard 10×10 size gazebos. With the custom fit canopy cover, there’s less option of a canopy fabric deteriorating, since the replacement canopy that doesn’t fit will shorten lifespan of a canopy. Additionally, accumulation of the water after light and heavy rainstorm creates the pool of water that results in the mold forming or tearing of fabric.

Canopy material

Canopy material

Suppose you are looking to make the gazebo appear new, the 10×10 canopy replacement cover can definitely add some more years of fun and enjoyment for your family. The replacement canopies are actually made from the nylon material as well as weigh just 200 grams square meter that is above an industry standard of over 140 grams square meter. Material can be 30% of more durable than canopy, which came with the original gazebo. The replacement canopy covers are lacquered as water resistant, and is UV treated.

Selecting the right canopy needs to specifically fit in your frame. Look on internet if you’re in a search of the replacement canopy cover. You will find the largest range of the replacement canopies that are available for all gazebo models.