How to play a piano As Adult

Many people who wish to play a piano are put off with the thought of spending a lot, and long boring hours in order to just learn those notes. So if you are really very serious about learning to play piano as an adult then the first thing that you need to do is put away those negative thoughts behind and then begin with an open mind. Yes it does take time and it is important that you learn the music notes, and trust me it will neither be boring nor will it take forever time for you to play piano as an adult. Follow the below given steps carefully and you will be playing the songs independently in a shorter period of time.

Getting Familiar with the Piano Keys: When it comes to the piano the black keys are used to play a sharp and flat notes that generally appear in a group of three. So look out for a set of five black keys that are in the center of your piano. The Middle C is the white key to the left of the other two black color keys in the middle of the piano. So have your thumb placed on the Middle C, and when you begin going up and down you notice that the keys to the immediate left of any two black keys is a C.

Begin with getting familiar with your notes: Though the music notes might turn out to look strange for you now, but the same was when you were learning the letters of the alphabet when you were child. The curiosity and the constant use of the written as well as the spoken language around you, has made you successful giving you the ability to read and not being scared of the words when you see them. The same is in terms of the music notes, as they are the abc of music, having a constant practice will help you in learning piano as an adult and sighting them in the right manner.