How to play golf in course?

Pensacola golf courses

Playing golf is a game played for long period without boredom. This game can take up to four hours of time to complete one round. Golf course is in round format to keep on playing with all the holes. The main theme of the game is to strike ball from tee to the nearby hole within possible few shots. When you hit one hole, it is marked as one unit. A player should hit all 18 holes with less shot possible to complete a game. When the course is larger, it holds 18 holes. If the course is smaller, it holds 9 holes and player has to play twice to complete a game.

This is unusual than any other ball games. Since their layout and course size varies depending upon the area. But each Pensacola golf courses has similar parts like tees, green, hazards and fairways within the course to carry out the game. Equipments used within the golf game are

Pensacola golf courses

  • Tee (Usually a small peg)
  • Clubs of same size (Up to 14 clubs for one round)
  • Balls
  • Gloves for one hand

Players can play in a group of 3 or 4 to complete a round. Then scoring is based on number of shots player takes to complete the game. Each round shots are added together to get the final score. Mostly tournaments are conducted over a week time. Thus the number of shots player take to complete a hole is known as par. Getting lower par is a good thing that helps in completing all holes in fewer shots.

Rules to play golf

  • Ball should be hit with standard golf from start to end till it reaches the pit.
  • At each hole starting, player who took fewer pars can go first.
  • The penalty for lost ball is one stroke and the distance. You will be given 5 minutes to search for the lost ball if it is gone out of bound or into water.
  • Players are allowed to use only 14 clubs for one game.
  • Players can get advice from their partners and they cannot deal with anyone else outside.
  • The ball found after a shot should not moved from that exact position.