League of legends – an overview

ru league of legends

While coming to video games, there are abundant options to choose from. However, some games tend to attract the gamers to a greater extent. The league of legends can be placed in the top in this list. The league of legends video games tends to have crazy fans of all age group. Here is a small overview for the people who are new to this game. The best service like league of legends las can be accessed for playing this game without any hassles. They can create an account for lol at Gamestore and can start enjoying the game.


This is a multiplayer video game which is to be played online. The Riot games developed and published this game in the year 2009. The producers of this game are Steven Snow and Travis George. The director of this wonderful video game is Tom Cadwell. Troy Adam, Edmundo Sanchez and Paul Kwon are the artists who are involved in the development of this game. This game falls under the category battle arena. They are specially designed for the platforms which include macOS and Windows. It can be said that this game reached the peak of popularity within short span of time. Since their launch and up to date, they are very popular among the gamers.

ru league of legends


The popularity of this game cannot be limited as they sound to be. A survey says that this is the highly played game in the places like North America and Europe. A report which was published in 2014 says that more than sixty seven millions of people are playing this game in a month. Apart from these, the game has also broken the records of many other online games which are trending in the market. The popularity of this game has also influenced the kids to a greater extent. Much merchandise like toys, apparels, books and many other accessories were launched influencing league of legends.

Online reviews

The people, who have difficulties in playing this game, can refer the reviews. The reviews in online will help them to know about the rules and regulations for playing this game. Thus, the beginners can make a better start over.