Sophos Singapore Security Experts Identify Twitter Account Suspension Scam

Internet security

Security researchers at Internet security company Sophism identified an account suspension scam on Twitter. Internet users receive. The email seeks users to re-verify their Twitter account to avoid suspension. The carries an picture, which if clicked redirects Internet users. Information is sought by the poll pages . Cybercriminals can use the information for purposes that are fraudulent.

Internet security

Social Networking sites are growing in Fame as a medium that is suitable interact to connect and collaborate. Folks share loads of information such as photos on media and blogging sites that are micro like facebook and Twitter. Advice that is professional is also shared by people . Therefore, these sites become a hunting ground for perpetrators of crime. The simplicity with which has increased concerns regarding information confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Normally, companies that are legitimate do not look for details. Internet users must be wary of e-mails seeking financial and personal information, redirecting to polls or requesting to download anti-virus applications. Internet users must pay a visit to with a website by typing the URL. When Internet users are redirected to a website, which resembles a website of a legitimate business, they have to check for spelling mistakes, prefixes and suffixes attached to the internet address to validate the credibility of the website. Users of networking sites must correct their privacy settings to avoid access of information aside from those users intend to share. IT professionals should keep themselves updated on safety mechanisms and the security situation through attending workshops seminars and job online university degree programs.

Ways are used by attackers to attempt and defraud Internet users. Social engineering is just one. Both external in addition to insider’s agents may use social engineering tactics to extract information. Attackers are using spear phishing tactics to extract data . Information security is a must for keeping customer loyalty and business tasks that are continued. sophos Singapore Training sessions, online degree and compulsory e-learning might help workers. Organizations must keep employees updated on security threats, and best practices. Professionals qualified in masters of Security science and safety certification programs might assist in proper evaluation of their safety dangers, implementation of new monitoring mechanisms, application of patches and software upgrades, and enhancing safety practices in a company. Proactive approach to cyber security might help in reducing data and safety breach incidents.