The Most Trending online games of 2018

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Online games are the new cool nowadays. These games are exciting, thrilling and addictive. These games are driving the youth crazy as of now. Let us take a look on the trending games of 2018 till now:

Enjoy Them Endlessly Without Feeling Apologetic

  • PUBG Mobile

Player Unknown Battle Ground, popularly known as PUBG is a survival shooter game. It is based in an environment where the virtual you will be dropped off with 99 others in an unknown island and there you have to survive for your existence. You can either go solo or build in a fierce gang of people to experience team win and run in the island, go for shootout, glide in the air to survive through the game.

  • Battleheart 2

This game is a plain combat game with its specializations in graphics and the variety with the choice of characters. It can be played in multiplayer mode. The only part which bothers people about it is that it is not free but it comes with a wonderful advantage that it doesn’t have micro transaction

  • Alto’s adventure

bully anniversary edition apk

This is one of those adventure games you always want to have a spine chilling experience with. Its high speed experience is smooth and the one- touch controls help you control Alto in the hardest of the game circumstances. The adventure amidst the mountains, thin air, chilly climate gives a cutting edge experience in this game. It has its sequels coming up. It has become popular as it is free with in-app purchases.

  • Shadowgun Legends

For all the iPhone users out there, here’s the most awaited console level quality game you have been looking for. This shooting game enables first person shooter to buy weapons and armours to shield it from the odds, an imaginary gambling place to make virtual money and has a base camp to buy him weapons from a black market. You can unravel missions and puzzles on your way in this game and it becomes more and more exciting as you go ahead. It has an amazing environment and gives you an awesome console like experience on your phone with all the new gen firearms and mind boggling usage of it.

  • Bully Anniversary Edition Apk

This game can be played on android and is the size of 2.74 GB in a compressed format.  Bully anniversary edition apk binds the character and player to time-based tasks.  You can enjoy it endlessly by downloading from Appmirror website.