Waist shaper – care and maintenance


As we all know, the influence of waist shaper is highly increasing in current trend. Especially women are very much crazy about using the shaper in order to have a curve shaped structure. Even though this is widely used many people are not aware of its care and maintenance. Some of the most important care and maintenance tips are revealed here.

Avoid washing machine

One of the most common mistakes done by many people is they tend to use washing machine for washing their shaper. It is to be noted that this is not the right way for washing the shaper. It is more important to avoid washing machine for cleaning the trainer. In case, if they are put in the washing machine, their quality will be affected to a greater extent. To reveal the fact, the garment will get damaged and they will not execute their function properly. People who want to wash their shaper can use mild shampoo and can wash them gently in hands. And while washing them in hands, the scrubber or any other things should not be used for rubbing.



Once after washing the shaper it is more important to dry it out completely. Even though it may take some hours, drying it completely is highly important. In the mean while, the users can have alternative shaper in order to use the one while the other is set to clean. The users must remember that the shaper which is completely dried out will have higher durability and longevity.


There are some people who will wear trainer during night times and tend to store them the rest of the time. In such case, they must store the trainer in the proper way. They should not place the shaper in the place which directly gets exposed to sunlight. It should be stored flatten in the closet, or they can be hanged in the right place. Apart from these, the tips and suggestions provided in the user’s manual of the waist trainer should also be strictly followed in order to use them in the right way.