Why You Should Try Unique Betting Platform Called Centsports

Sports and betting have a long-standing relationship. Any sport you can think of you can bet that there will always be getting involved in it. Take football for example, just as many people watch it, many people bet on it as well. This is because betting makes anything interesting, even the most boring of games become fun all thanks to it and this is what centsports has in mind but added a little bit of their flavor into the mix.

Their concept has made many people raving and talking about it. It’s revolutionary and downright addicting. It’s the concept that CentSports applied in its betting system. What makes them different? Basically, you get to bet for free. It’s a legit betting site that attracted many people to its platform. If you are interested in the concept of this betting site but you’re still not sold to try it, then read on.


The 10 cent rule: By default you get 10 cents into your account the moment that you use it. If you make good bet decisions then it will increase until such time that you reach an amount that can merit to be cashed out. Now, if you made bad decisions that made your account to $ 0, it’s not the end. Now the site doesn’t require, nor will allow you to deposit any money, that is against their rules. Instead, they will make you watch ads and give you another 10 cents to start all over. You don’t get zero out ever.

It’s ad based: If you liked playing free versions of games and using free apps, you surely are familiar with ads. These ads help finance the developers of the free game to continue what they are doing and CentSports shares the same practice. Hate the ads all you want but without it, CentSports won’t be in a place where it can provide you with 10 cents every time if it wasn’t for these ads, nor give you bonuses when you refer someone.

It’s a legal game: In case people are wondering, this site is a legal betting site and it has passed thru all the legalities to make sure that you are safe when you’re betting on the site. There are illegal betting sites that are operated online and you will be glad to know that this isn’t that kind of a website. It’s a legit website that sends out real money and provides a real opportunity to people to win some cash without shelling out a single cent.

CentSports is a betting website like no other. The site offers a betting experience that will allow a better to win cash without the need to shell out any money at all. The 10 cent rule always provides you 10 cents after registration and whenever your accounts get a zero. That way you will never have an excuse not to bet. The website is run by ads, and if you’re playing here and your making money, just be patient with. More importantly, the site is legal, so there’s really no reason not to play it.